Scientists Discover Way to Make Rice More Healthy

Scientists in Sri Lanka have discovered a way to prepare rice that substantially cuts the calories in it.Basically, the only change to the traditional cooking method is to add some coconut oil to the water used to cook the rice as it is boiling. Then, after the rice is cooked, it must be cooled for 12 hours.

Rice is made of different starches and this new cooking method alters the composition of some of them to make the rice less fattening. Coconut oil works in the process because it is a lipid. Other lipids can be used to the same effect.

The implications of this discovery are extraordinary. Rice has always been one of the most important foods to humans. Indeed, the continent of Asia owes it historically high population to the fact that rice can feed many more people per acre than grains like wheat. Healthy individuals like Brad Reifler realize that if rice becomes healthier to eat, then millions of people are going to be healthier and living longer.

The simplicity of the new cooking method is also amazing. Adding some oil to boiling water is something that can be easily done, and cooling the rice afterwards is also easy. Think of all the rice that has been cooked over the centuries. It’s mind-boggling to consider that after all that humans have discovered a better way of cooking rice.

There’s Sugar in Your Food, But Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know How Much

The Food and Drug Administration is considering a proposal made to them by Michelle Obama that would force food manufacturers to add one line to their product contents label. It’s just one line, only a few words, but it has the food industry in an uproar.

Mrs. Obama wants the American people to know how much added sugar is in the food they buy. All of the food, not just sweets treats and soft drinks. The food industry doesn’t want us to know this information because we might change our minds about buying their products.
Obesity is a national epidemic and this type of secrecy has fueled the epidemic. Our current sugar addictions come from likely sources, such as all the pies, cakes and candy bars we consume. Certainly we wash them down with a sugar-laden soft drink, but we are well aware of what we are consuming.
But how much sugar is in the slice of whole wheat bread we toasted for breakfast? How about the granola bar we had as a low-calorie snack? According to Reuters Dinner was a heart-healthy, low-fat frozen meal approved by the American Heart Association, but how much sugar was in it? We will soon know if the proposal passes that asks for the number of teaspoons of added sugar be revealed on the label of every processed food item.

Facts about Saturated Fats that you probably didn’t know

According to Gianfrancesco Genoso, Saturated Fats are fat molecules that that have no double bonds. They are also saturated with hydrogen molecules. Saturated fats can raise ones level of cholesterol in their blood. There are many interesting facts about saturated fats.

1. The reason we have fear of high fat intake is because of one research that was done by a Minnesota pathologist. The test showed that when comparing seven countries, middle aged men. The study showed that populations that consumed large amounts of saturated fats had higher levels of heart disease.
2. We have actually been eating saturated fats for thousands of years. Since 1970, death rates from heart disease have fallen. These are due to reductions of smoking and better health care. Scientists used to believe that these fats could help restore health.
3. Reducing fat in our diets has led us to eat more carbs, which isn’t necessarily better. In the United States the saturated fat intake dropped by 11 percent since the early 1970’s. The consumption of carbohydrates increased by 25 percent, and that’s not any better than the saturated fats. Carbs break down into glucose and that actually helps the body to store fat.
4. The demonetization of fat has hurt women. Because women follow the low-fat diets their levels of good HDL cholesterol drops and can create a risk of heart disease.
These were some of the astonishing facts about saturated fats that many people did not know.

Powdered Alcohol: Smuggling Booze into Sporting Event Just Got Easy

No more red plastic Dixie cups or koozies needed to camoflauge a can or bottle of booze when trying to drink in a public place. All that’s needed is your favorite beverage and a small packet of freeze dried alcohol and you can kick back and enjoy a shot of booze anywhere.
Palcohol they call it, and legal it is.
Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau recently ruled that Palcohol is legal and the product will be sold under the brand name Palcohol by summer. People at Anastasia Date have learned that powdered alcohol will be sold everywhere alcohol is sold.
Palcohol is made by freeze drying a liquid alcohol product. It is reconstituted into its original form by adding to any liquid, much like powdered Gatorade or Tang. The product will be sold in small packets that can easily be carried in pockets or purses and mixed in with any beverage at anytime. The manufacturer, Lipsmark, even suggests the powdered alcohol be sprinkled on food to enhance the food’s flavor.
Several states have already made a move to ban Palcohol. Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, South Carolina and Michigan are the among the first states to ban the alcohol product, expect more to follow suit.

Six Surprising Facts About Saturated Fats

Saturated fats, like butter and cream and well-marbled meats are bad for us. That’s ‘Bad’ with a capitol B, and these type of foods high in saturated fats should be avoided at all times.

Really? A new book, written by journalist Nina Teicholz, reveals six surprising fact about saturated fats that just may dispel all the things we’ve been told about these ‘bad’ fats for years.
According to Zeca Oliveira, “The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese belong in a Healthy Diet” took years to conduct and raises a variety of question regarding the relationship between foods high in saturated fats and heart health.
One fact stated in her book is that one man, Ancel keys, started the war on saturated fats. Was he right or wrong? Fact two states that by reducing our intake of fat, we have increased our intake of carbohydrates, which out body converts into sugar.
Even whole grain carbs are worse for us that fatty foods, according to Ms. Teicholz research. The low-fat diets women have been advised to follow for decades does not reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and even ‘trans fat’ may be better for heart health than some of synthetic replacement oils coming on the market.
And the last surprising fact is attributed to the reduction in the consumption of saturated fats, but its praise is misplaced. Over the last 50 years, there has been a significant reduction in deaths due to heart disease, but that’s because more and more people have stopped smoking.

Tom Philpott Does It Again

Not long ago, Tom Philpott argued in an article for Mother Jones that more people should eat wheat and other grains that contain gluten. He posted several “examples” of why the gluten-free diet is no good for the majority of people. He also made claims that most people who have non-celiac gluten sensitivity likely don’t actually have it.

This week, Philpott seemed to do a 180 by outlining several ways that wheat and gluten harms humans based on a study published by Cornell researchers in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety stated . Philpott even states that a gluten-free diet is the right choice for people with celiac disease and wheat allergies.

But then, as before, he pushes his personal agenda to market the benefits of wheat. In his closing paragraph, he states that “98% or so” of people who don’t have a celiac disease or wheat allergy issues should eat sourdough bread that reduces “reactive gluten.” He makes no mention of where he pulled the statistic from, which isn’t surprising given that currently researchers have no idea how many people react to gluten worldwide. He also tries to claim that the gluten-free diet is mostly a marketing campaign while completely ignoring many common wheat-based advertisements and marketing efforts and the fact that many people who can’t have gluten have fewer baked bread options and are searching for information about foods they can eat.

Frog Burger

We are all different. It’s evident in a lot of ways. One of those ways is how much our tastes in burgers differentiate. After all you can get your burger pink or no pink. You can get cheese or no cheese. You can get toppings or no toppings. But, how about this – frog or no frog?

Leave it to Japan to come up with a burger that will leave some people scratching their heads, and some wanting to throw up a little in their mouths. Hey, I’m sure there’s a few foodies out there that are excited to try it!

According to Grub Street, later this month there will be a burger with an entire deep-fried frog in it. That’s not all you get! Lettuce, and chili sauce will be topping this burger, or should I say FROGger off. Zeca Oliveira ( has read that the Orbi Yokohama Museum is responsible for this creation. And if you want one it’ll cost you a little over eight dollars. But hey, you get a soda with it! That’s just what you need to wash that frog taste out of your mouth.

I’m all for don’t knock something until you try it. But, when something I previously owned as a pet shows up in between two buns, I think I’m going to have to pass. I’ll stick to the traditional cows for my burger. I really can’t get over the fact that two legs will be poking out of my bun. Yuck!

Not So Healthy

Before you dive into that box of fat-free cookies, maybe you should take a look at the label. Seems that there are many so-called healthy foods that are acutally quite unhealthy as reported by Zeca Oliveira.

Banana Chips
Though bananas alone are quite good for us, banana chips are not. These deep-fried goodies have approximately 10 grams of saturated fat making them quite unhealthy. Stick to the fresh variety.

Tuna Sushi
Tuna sushi is considered as one of the most healthiest foods on earth, but in moderation. Eaing excess amounts of this delicacy can cause a build of mercury in your system, which can lead to a myriad of unpleasant symptoms.

WHo would have thought this combination of fruits and fiber could deliver over 500 calories per serving? Along with a high calorie count, this cereal has an excess amount of sugar.

Energy Bars
Energy bars also not our friend. These sweet treats also have a lot of calories and sugar. Best to avoid these and eat a piece of fruit instead.

Smoothies And Sport Drinks
Smoothies that you make at home can be veyr healthy and delicious. Unfortunately, when smoothies are ready made, they contain excessive sugar. This is also true for sport drinks. Steer clear of these and drink water.

Granola and Dried Fruits
Going hand and hand with Muesli, these tasty treats are loaded with calories and sugar. Best to avoid these unless you use only a small amount on the top of your yogurt.

Get Rid Of Back Pain At North American Spine Center

When people are trying to get rid of back pain at the North American Spine Center, they are going to learn how to keep the pain away long enough to live comfortably. Most people that are struggling to live with back pain have never tried the new treatments at North American Spine Center, and they are not going to be comfortable until they have given it a shot. The majority of people who are coming to the center are going to find that they need a new approach.

The staff at North American Spine Center can help with that new approach in the first consultation. The first consultation is going to change the way that people see the back pain that they have been living with. Most people that are struggling with this pain will be given a new lease on life when they read the treatment plan that is given to them by the staff at North American Spine. The staff is going to share with each patient how their pain will be managed, and the patient will be given a set of appointments that will remain consistent.

When the patients come into the center, they get to talk to their therapists about what pain they are experiencing. They can talk with their therapist until they are sure that their therapist understands what is going on, and they will be able to start treatment. Patients can come for their weekly appointments, but they can also do their own work in the facility. These facilities allow patients a safe place to work on their own pain management.

When patients are done with their treatment, they can come back to the center for followups, or they can simply live their new pain free life with the knowledge that they gained from the staff at North American Spine.

Jimmy Fallon’s New Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor

Jimmy Fallon of the Tonight Show has partnered up with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to design yet another fantastic flavor for people to try out.

It was unveiled on the show last night and it will be called, “The Tonight Dough” which will replace another favorite flavor of fans, “Late Night Snack”. The comedian seems pretty thrilled about the new product. According to an article found on, the flavor will be a mix of chocolate ice cream, caramel ice cream, with a chunky swirl of cookie dough mixed in. It will also have large chunks of both peanut butter cookie dough and chocolate chip cookie dough which is bound to please any sweet lover’s taste.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Creams have been gaining in popularity over the last few years with their funky flavors and funny names, so it is not a surprise that they would honor Fallon with yet another flavor of his own. A few years ago, Americone Dream was the one which got named and designed after former Colbert Report host, Stephen Colbert. Torchin thinks this is a fantastic marketing technique that can not only satisfy the wants and needs of the customers, but also promote something that they enjoy watching or people that they really look up to. Be sure to pick up a pint of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Dough ice cream as soon as you see it on the shelves!