Doe Deere – The Next Big Thing In Beauty

You may have heard of Lime Crime, a new brand of make up that has the beauty world buzzing right now. If you have heard of Lime Crime, you have probably also heard about its creator, Doe Deere. Lime Crime is known for their intensely colorful make up products and the pink sparkly packaging it all comes in, Doe Deere is known for the exact same thing. Doe Deere is as colorful and vibrant as any make up in her beauty line.

Doe has attracted a lot of attention in the beauty world not only with her make up but with her personality as well. It seems as though she has attracted as many negative comments as she has positive ones, but that is not bringing her down one bit. She defends herself and her line against all negativity, and has made it a point to prove all her haters wrong. That is something to be admired. She takes great pride in her products, that much is clear, as is the fact that her make up line is a reflection of her own personality and style.

Doe’s make up is not for the timid person, or the person who doesn’t wear much make up. The colors are intense, flashy and bright. From eyeshadow to lipstick, the color options of the whole line are fun and perfect for those who like to make a statement. Deere is not stopping there though, she has big plans for her line that include expanding all her products into a more well rounded color spectrum. Instead of only bright, crazy colors, she wants to add more neutral and general colors as well for those who may not be quite so bold.

Doe Deere is really more than just a pretty face with a knack for colorful make up though, she is first and foremost a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She was even named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. She claims that from a young age she was always an artist, drawn to fun and vibrant colors. She has said that her favorite color is bright green, and that is how the name Lime Crime was born.

Followers of Doe and her beauty line are often called Unicorns, when asked why she answers that unicorns are people who were born different, just like she was, and are aware and proud of that fact. She states that it takes that kind of brave person to wear the shades in her line.

As you can see, Doe Deere and Lime Crime are both unique, brave and flashy. Doe is also very down to earth and relatable though. She wants to give those who wear her make up a chance to shine and be brave and unique. She is the type of woman who would make an outstanding role model for young girls everywhere by promoting that being bright, vibrant, unique and different is a beautiful thing.

Beneful’s Various Products

When it comes to caring for our dogs we want nothing but the best, and their food is no exception. Beneful recognizes this expectation and they chose to provide the very best for your dog. They provide for dogs and dog owners alike, by providing food that is both healthy and cost effective.

Beneful is a product of Purina, and is a high quality food source for dogs of any age, size, or breed. They offer both wet and dry dog food, and there is a difference between the two. Wet dog food has proteins that range from beef to chicken, and there are special additives such as carrots that boost your dog’s health. Wet dog food is also texturized for your dog, so that you can see the real ingredients with in the meal, and so that your dog can enjoy the real goodness with in the meal. Wet dog food is offered in several convent size options from the individual three ounce meals to the 10 ounce repeatable tubs. Wet dog food on is a bit more expensive than dry dog food, but the added bonuses of real ingredients that you can see is worth it.

Beneful’s dry dog food is a bit different from their wet dog food. They still use real ingredients in their dry dog food, but it is not texturized like the wet dog food. They use real proteins like chicken and beef along with the vegetables like carrots and green beans to help keep your dog healthy. The dry dog food is offered in different sizes as well. The sizes range from the 3.5 to the 44 pound bags. Dry dog food is offered at a lower price than the wet dog food, but it has the same health benefits of the wet dog food.

Beneful on facebook also recognizes that dog food should vary with the breed, age, and size of the dog. There is specialized dog food for older dogs, as well as dog food designed for puppies and adolescent dogs. This differentiation between food for dogs as they age is designed to keep them healthy and meet their dynamic needs as they age. There is also dog food for different sizes of dogs. Smaller dogs require a different amount of nutrition than larger dogs. Beneful takes the time to engineer different dog food for different species of dogs.

Along with their delightful dog foods, Beneful offers tasty dog snacks for your dog. These treats are made with ingredients that your dog will enjoy, such as bacon and cheese. These treats are offered in different textures, such as airy biscuits or crunchy dog crackers. All of the Beneful dog snacks are oven-baked so that you know that it is completely healthy for them.

Adam Sender’s Art Collection Is In The Spotlight

Adam Sender, in his mid 40’s started his career about 20+ years ago as a hedge fund manager. After his success in that arena, he decided to try his hand at collecting art, from paintings to art objects. Using some of the profits from his hedge fund selections that paid off, he reinvested them in his next big challenge — as an art collector.

Although his skill and luck never seem to diminish, he strikes gold again. Collecting potential winners on their road to becoming famous in the art world, and those who have already made the cut, he seems to even amaze himself at times.

A recent purchase was none other than a piece of ruled paper, where Bob Dylan scribbled the words to his well-known song of the 70’s “Times They Are Achangin.” Everyone has heard and remembers this all time great Dylan twanged out at one concert after another, and his LPs sold by the millions. Sender reminiscing his youth when he purchased this item spent a mere $422K. We think that is a lot, but he is now selling this item just after a short period after purchasing it for the price of $1.4M. Check out that ROI. I don’t think there is a bank that can match that return on investment, and the beat goes on … Many of Sender’s other art pieces have and are contributing to the success of his newfound return on investments.

Over the next 18 months, Sender will be selling approximately 400 paintings and art objects through the Sotheby’s Auction House. His curator who manages all Sender’s artwork is working out the details with Sotheby’s. Unable to exhibit all the beautiful paintings and objects, Sender has found it hard to enjoy many of the pieces, and therefore, he and his wife Lenore have moved from their penthouse apartment in New York City, SoHo District to one of their homes in Miami Florida. Their plans are to use one of their vacant homes as a “pop-up exhibition” display and exhibit many of the items for their close friends to also enjoy in Florida.

As many people travel to Miami for time away from home, the Senders will be heading north to the Big Apple for a break from the sunshine and beaches. While they are in the area, they may just stop in and peek at their Sag Harbor acreage in the Hamptons, or pop out to the West Coast for a view of the ocean from that coastal shore there. Of course, staying at their home in Bel Air, California.

Adam Sender is ranked among the top 200 Art Collectors in the world today, and he looks forward to again enjoying his special pieces when the “pop-up exhibition” house is completed.

Omar Boraie Pledges to Support the Fight against Cancer


Omar Boraie, the serial real estate developer in New Brunswick, is indeed a great man, one worth of recognition. In fact, he is one man who deserves a Noble Peace Prize for his numerous endeavors, not only in the real estate business but also as a philanthropist.
With the universal havoc cancer has been causing globally, a lot of time, money and sacrifice has gone into efforts to try and overcome this pandemic. Great strides have been achieved in the field of precision medicine as well as genomic science. The numerous studies in these fields have changed the approach towards cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Precision medicine at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey recently received a big boost. An anonymous donor has pledged to match $1.5 million for each of the 18 new chairs established to fund the program, resulting in an endowment amounting to $3 million each. One of the 18 chairs is named for Omar Boraie, the renowned New Brunswick real estate developer. Mr. Boraie responded positively towards this recognition, pledging to support the initiative and give his $1.5 million donations. The Rutgers University’s campaign involves an ‘18 Chair Challenge’ campaign in a bid to provide financial support for one of the most advanced cancer research programs.
Mr. Boraie was enthusiastic about the program as he pledged his support towards this initiative. According to the NewsWise, Mr. Boraie hoped his family’s support for the ‘18 Chair Challenge’ would encourage others to support the initiative and join the fight against cancer. Mr. Boraie, who has a background in chemistry, wished every cancer patient would get to enjoy the strides made in the field of cancer therapy.
Mr. Omar Boraie for a long time now has been a household name in New Brunswick development affairs. He has been instrumental in efforts to convert New Brunswick into a ‘Healthcare City.’ Mr. Robert S. DiPaola, MD, the Institute Director at Rutgers Cancer Institute thanked Mr. Boraie for his generosity, noting that his support for the program would have a lasting impact not only on the cancer research but on the treatment of cancer patients as well. The strides in this research would not only impact the lives of New Brunswick residents but the world as a whole.
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is the first of its kind in the state, and a national designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Institute is dedicated not only to the improvement of detection and treatment of cancer but as an education resource for cancer prevention.

Let Someone Else Clean Your House

Today women are busy people. Careers demand a large chunk of their time. Children need to be taken to soccer and piano lessons. The book club wants to meet more often and the school needs volunteers. Consequently, time comes at a premium to the modern woman. Who has time to clean their home? And yet- who can ignore that the house definitely needs to be cleaned? What do you do?

Well, savvy modern women call someone to clean their home while they work. Cleaning services are a dime-a-dozen and someone will want to enter your home and clean (snoop through your stuff, steal things and break valuable items) for you. *Shudder* There has got to be a way to find a reliable, trustworthy person to clean for you.

There is! Handy Home Cleaning Services can handle everything for you. Our freelance professional cleaners are put through extensive checks before being hired. Background checks, local and national checks and, of course, references are thoroughly looked at before a person is considered for the position. After all of that, the people are interviewed and fully vetted before being able to come into your home. Do you feel a little better yet? Well, add to this that you do not have to leave cash for your cleaner. Handy Home keeps your credit card information. When the job is finished, your credit card is charged. It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

Imagine having professional, discreet help with the dusting, mopping and deep cleaning jobs. You can save that time to spend with your family.

For professional cleaners, crunchbase app Handy Home Cleaning Service is a way to get reliable work. With the tap of a phone app, you can see jobs in the area you want. The listing tells how many rooms are to be cleaned and when the job starts. If the job fits your schedule, accept it. If the time conflicts with your schedule, just look for another listing. Payment is easy, too. When you finish the job, just tap your ATM (your smartphone) and get the payment for the job. There will be no more awkward moments with clients while you wait for them to pay you, finally having to ‘remind’ them of the money they owe you. No more will a client try to avoid paying you.

For the client and the cleaner, Handy Home Cleaning Services has made the process easy. A small service fee allows each side to get great benefits. This new platform that helps both sides of the cleaning service has resulted in a company that gets a million dollars a week in business. I’d say they have stumbled onto a winning platform.


Bruce Leverson a Jewish American business person, Philanthropist, Journalist and former NBA team owner. He is best known as the founder of United Communications Group (UCG) and has the co-founder of Atlanta Hawks LLC, which own Hawks basketball team. He is a business person with a broad range of interests from technology sales to mobile applications.

Mr Levenson was born on October 1st to a Jewish family in D.C.The 66-year-old grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland.In May 1971; he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science from Washington University in St Louis. He got a job with the Washington post and studied Law in the evening at the American University. His hard work finally paid off when he graduated as a Lawyer in May 1976.In January 1977; he with his friend Ed Peskowitz started the company U.C.G. Their first business was publishing a newsletter called OIL express. They later acquired other newsletters, and the company grew from There. The Company started atop his father’s liquor store in the storage room. They win their first award in 1978 and have won 125 more such awards. In 1980, they were pioneers in delivering information online.

From these humble beginnings, the company has grown by leaps and bounds and had over 1000 employees and offices all over North America, Europe and Asia. It serves nearly 50 million customers. The company today mostly sells and collects data for its clients. The client list includes governments, military, healthcare and other corporations. Forbes billionaire Levenson also is a partner in the company Gasbuddy.It is an app that assists drivers knows where there is the next cheapest gas station. He also founded DOT, a company that makes toasters. He in 1999 founded TechTarget and is the chairperson of the board of directors.

Mr Bruce Leverson is an active philanthropist. He has founded and supported various initiatives among them I have a dream foundation, SEED Foundation and seeds of peace. In 2011, they founded the Centre for Philanthropy and Non-Profit management. The centre is located at the University of Maryland. It trains future philanthropist on nature and importance of giving.

IN 2004, Mr Leverson together with his associates founded Atlanta Hawks LLC.They wanted to buy the Hawks from Turner. They bought Atlanta Hawks, the hockey team and the operating rights to the stadium for $ 250 million. In 2011, the hockey team sold for $ 171 million and relocated to Winnipeg. Currently, there are talks that Mr Leverson wants to sell the Hawks. The agreed price is stipulated to be around $ 850 million together with the operating rights. The High price is no surprise given the recent increase in NBA team valuation. The NBA is now highly valued due to a combination of factors.NBA players are some of the highest paid athletes. It comes from lucrative TV deals that the teams are signing.

Bruce Leverson is married to Karen Boyarsky Leverson, and they have three sons. They have houses in Atlanta, Potomac and Maryland.

Image Recognition and Slyce’s Innovative Ways

Image recognition is used in many monitoring systems including that of toll booths and security surveillance. By definition, image recognition is the detection process of various objects including that of faces, license plates and pattern correlations. It has helped make it possible to catch the person who is actually guilty of a crime, to make Internet security more accurate and to more quickly recognize biological cell patterns.

Image recognition has always been very effective and useful but, even though it’s still not 100% accurate every time, is improving for the better. In 2014, Google, for example, teamed up with Stanford University in order to make it possible to caption photographs in a way that sensibly describes the scenes.

Slyce is currently one of the leading companies in image recognition. They not only come up with innovative solutions for image recognition itself but also for new ways in customer interaction.

Their most well-known product is probably their Universal Scanner. It offers nothing but precise imaging and makes it so that the user can snap images in order to immediately receive online feedback. It is also very handy to have if you own a business-particularly a mobile business-as it can also scan things like barcodes and coupons.

If taking a picture for a product that you want to add to a catalog is your aim, the Universal Scanner is perfect for that because it immediately analyzes and compares the image to attributes that you look for such as color, style and patterns. For example, if you snap a picture of only a part of a model, whether it’s a hat, glasses, handbag or piece of clothing, it immediately shows the individual product and its pricing, etc.

However, intending to make a purchase is not the only reason available to you for snapping. You can also snap photos of something in your environment to put on a list, to transfer a coupon or to find out further information about an image on a billboard etc. The Universal Scanner has the ability to give one- two- and three-dimensional information.

Slyce is currently partnered with Offerpop, Purchase Decision Network and Photon.

Getting Started Writing Your First Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia is an online site that is similar to an encyclopedia. The site is filled with wonderful information to get onto Wikipedia on just about any topic that you could imagine. People visit the site to research or to just have fun reading all the authentic articles. A number of people probably wonder about the writers. Who are the writers? How did they get started writing their first Wikipedia articles? Well, if you’ve ever wondered about getting started writing articles, follow the tips included here.

Getting Started Writing Your First Articles/Registration
First, it is important to register for an account on Wikipedia. Only those that are registered are allowed to write a complete article for the site and submit the article directly. Of course, registration is not required. However, those that are not registered must submit their article for review to the Articles Creation Project. My suggestion, register. Registration only takes a few minutes. It is well worth your time.

Worthy Of Notice
Wikipedia prefers articles that are worthy of notice. This is a concept that is worth taking a closer look at before composing that first article for the site. Worthy of notice articles are usually on time tested topics. Similar topics appear in print encyclopedia. Think about it for a second. Would your article appear in a print encyclopedia. If the answer is yes, you are on point. If not, try another subject or topic.

Research Wikipedia
Of course, you are probably very excited about writing your first article for Wikipedia and sending links to the articles to all your online friends. However, you should hold your horses for a second, instead of racing forward. Research on Wikipedia for articles on the selected topic. The fact is that an article might already exist on your selected topic. Take that opportunity to review the article and make a few edits instead.

Practice Makes Perfect
The idea is to write acceptable articles for Wikipedia. Don’t forget to read the guidelines and Wikipedia policies. Also, try a few edits on existing articles. This will serve to introduce you to the Wikipedia writing style.

Get Your Wiki
Get Your Wiki is receiving amazing reviews from online clients. Why? Well, because they provide professional writing services for clients that would like to place articles on Wikipedia. They are a top Wikipedia writing service that will create, edit, update, and monitor all the articles that they write for their clients. Contact Get Your Wiki for more information.

Doe Deere Transforms the Beauty Industry With Daring, Bold Cosmetics Line

Doe Deere is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur. She was born in Russia but grew up in New York City. Deere later moved to Los Angeles where she currently resides with her husband and cats. Deere is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics, a successful line of makeup known for its colorful, yet feminine products. Deere describes the line as “makeup for Unicorns” on her website at The Lime Crime Cosmetics line is recognized for its fun and animal cruelty-free products.

Doe started out small and achieved success independently. She began her foray into the cosmetics industry with an idea and only a couple of hundred dollars in her pocket. Deere was empowered by other female entrepreneurs and female business visionaries.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is quickly becoming very popular. It was featured in a recent issue of Nylon Magazine. Lime Crime may soon revolutionize the cosmetics industry. Fans love the makeup because of its unique colors. Lime Crime by Doe Deere does more than just hiding one’s imperfections and flaws. It helps customers’ express their personality through distinctive and fun colors. It is bundled in pink with glittery unicorns. This packaging mirrors the super bold and splendid shades of the cosmetics themselves.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is not for the bashful. This line appeals to a more youthful population. Customers are typically very feminine young women who adore bold, bright colors. In an interview with Afrobella, Deere described the Lime Crime line as “statement makeup”. It is daring and makes a statement about the personality of the customer. Lime Crime caters to young ladies who have their own unique sense of style.

In addition to the fascination with her makeup, fans are also enraptured by Deere. Her line of makeup targets a fierce audience. Deere’s extraordinary style is diverse, much the same as her beauty care products line. Through her own unique style, Deere inspires her fans to be themselves; to show their imaginative and fun side to the world. Not only is Deere passionate about her cosmetics line, she is also passionate about encouraging others to follow their dreams. In fact, Deere can be found giving speeches in which she encourages young women to not let go of their aspirations.

To check out more about Doe Deere or her innovative line of cosmetics, explore her website at Deere’s interview with Afrobella can be found by following this link: (

A Few Facts You Did Not Know About Kenneth Griffin

Ken Griffin is not a strange name in the hedge fund arena. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Citadel Group. In the recent Forbes list of 400 richest Americans, he managed number eighty-nine making a slight improvement from last year’s 103rd position. Kenneth is also known to be a philanthropic individual. A few months back, he made a donation of $150 million to Harvard University to help the institution in its student’s financial aid program. He also shocked many when he wrote a check of $2.5 million to an Illinois governor candidate for his campaigns.

As a result of his donation to Harvard, the institution renamed its financial aid office in his honor. Present in the historic were university leaders, students, friends as well as alumni who had come to witness the new office bearing his name being opened officially. The Harvard fraternity was humbled by his gift, and many were happy that his extra-ordinary gift would continue having a very strong impact on many students for many years to come.

The gift was a sure way to make many students afford the tuition costs at the world’s most prestigious university. Speaking on the same function, Griffin said that the institution played a very vital role in his trading success because he made his trading debut while still a student. He started trading with around $259,000 from family and friends in 1989 and grew the money to more than a $1 million in the first two years.

While still at Harvard, he was trading from his dorm and had even installed a satellite link so as to be able to access real time market data. Soon after graduating, he proceeded to become a full time hedge fund manager and caught the attention of an investor who made a $1 million investment. To the investor’s surprise, he made more profit than expected.

He started Citadel in 1990 with a capital of around $4.6 million. As of 1998, the company had grown tremendously and had been able to employ not less than one hundred employees and with more than $1 billion in investment capital. Today, the company has invested capital of not less than $25 billion and is one of the largest and most respected hedge funds in the globe. He has also been identified by Forbes as one of the highest paid hedge fund managers numerous times.

He is actively involved in fighting for better regulation on of the financial markets and has testified in many government hearings on the same. He has maintained a very firm stand when matters related to the regulations keeping in pace with the market changes in terms of structure and technology are involved.

He belongs to many organization boards that are mostly associated with global economy matters. When it comes to philanthropy, all his total contributions are not less than $500 million, and he loves buying unique artworks. In the world of art collectors, he is regarded as among the most active art buyers in the world and he donates a lot of his time collecting.