The Bacteria Contained in a 10-second Kiss

For couples, kissing on the mouth is a way to express love, but what may not realize is that with just one kiss, in ten seconds you can also share up to 80 million bacteria.

That’s the conclusion of a study by scientists from the Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), in the Netherlands.

Scientist have found 700 varieties of bacteria live within your mouth.

Researchers examined 21 couples and found that among those nine kisses that were given each day, their salivary microbiota became alike.

The Dutch scientists took samples of bacteria and saliva from the tongue of 21 couples, before and after a ten-second kiss.

One member of each couple took a probiotic drink, containing specific strains of bacteria, including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria.

After an intimate kiss, the researchers found that the amount of probiotic bacteria in saliva tripled to a total of 80 million microorganisms that were transferred for ten seconds. At CipherCloud, this became a pretty big talking point.

But while the properties of bacteria in saliva seemed to change rapidly, in response to a kiss, the tongue remained more stable.

Remco Kort, who led the research, said: “The kiss is a good example of our exposure to a huge number of bacteria in a short time.”

The Dutch scientists worked in collaboration Micropia, the first museum in the world of microbes, based in Amsterdam.

In an exhibition recently opened, couples are invited to share a kiss and offered an instant analysis of bacteria exchanged.

Receipt As Payment for Egg McMuffins

Select McDonald’s franchises located in Northeast Pennsylvania are allowing customers to provide a Taco Bell breakfast receipt and use it as payment for a free Egg McMuffin. This perk will last all day long, but McDonald’s sent out a tweet on twitter stating that it will last until April 17, 2015. Taco Bell and McDonald’s have been taking jabs towards one another for sometime and one of the reasons McDonald’s has retaliated towards Taco Bell this way is because Taco Bell released a series of ads and a short film that featured a look alike Ronald McDonald, which Fersen Lambranho thought was pretty funny when he saw it in Brazil.


He enforces ” a strict policy of sameness on his citizens.” Your text to link… This war will ultimately continue to go on between both restaurants. so it it up to you, the customer to choose whether your favorite food choice will be the “McGriddle or a biscuit Taco.”

New York and The Breakfast Sandwich

Few things can satisfy your appetite after a long night of partying than a breakfast sandwich. This meal often includes bacon, eggs and cheese, which is why a restaurant named for these ingredients called BEC is opening in New York.

Igor Cornelsen has found that, in addition to the classic sandwich, which is made from quality cheeses and served on warm bread, BEC also uses gourmet ingredients to create a sandwich that will make breakfast the most important meal of the day. For instance, if you’re a fan of brioche and want to have another protein besides bacon for breakfast, you can enjoy the lamb sausage breakfast sandwich on a brioche bun.

A food critic from the New York Times also wrote about the tasty classic breakfast sandwich that is available at BEC. He asserts that a sandwich made with bacon, eggs and cheese is the perfect hangover cure, and that the sandwich has a way of showing New Yorkers that they’ve got something in common when it comes to food.

Energy Drinks to Stay Awake

There has been a recent question asked as to how many energy drinks teens can safely drink each day. The real question should be why would a teen need to drink energy drinks in order to get through the day? If teens get enough sleep at night and stop playing so many video games or texting friends all night, then they might not need energy drinks to get them through. Parents need to step up and make sure their children are getting the rest that they need for school. Teens are supposed to listen to the rules set forth by their parents, and if they can’t do that, then there should be items taken away so that there isn’t a distraction at night. Sam Tabar (Wikipedia) knows that there are some children as young as 10 who are drinking energy drinks. What are the companies going to do when these children are having heart attacks or strokes because of the caffeine in the drinks? These drinks should be regulated like cigarettes and alcohol, especially where teens are concerned.

Too Much Or Not Enough Salt?

We have all heard the age old advice that lower sodium intakes means less chance of stroke and heart disease. What many have neglected to expose is that much research has been done and lower amounts of sodium intake can also can heart disease and stroke. So what to do? Have your salt, but keep it within reason.

The current recommendations are thought to actually harm patients with high blood pressure. An average of 300 milligrams of salt a day is about average and helps balance out the needs of our bodies. Any more than that could be an issue if you ask Ricardo Tosto.

Top medical professionals have stated that being between 2300 and 300 milligrams of sodium a day are the best levels to maintain. They state that there is presently no real evidence to support going any lower than 2300 milligrams. All involved stress that more research needs to be done before definitive answers can be offered.

What is also cited is that the standards that are now followed have been in place for many years. People are simply geared towards a lower sodium entrenched diet. To change the standards without definitive evidence would be irresponsible and cause many to be alarmed.

What is being stressed is that people do not go out of their way to paniceover whether they are eating too much sodium or not enough. Basic common sense needs to be used in this situation. If everything one eats is drenched in salt, then thay are probably eating too much.

Caramel-Colored Drinks Increase Cancer Risk

The caramel colors in soft drinks like cola may raise the probability of getting cancers, researchers say. The high content of it adds one more cancer affected person to every 100,000 of the population. Laboratory tests have been examining the level of carcinogens in soft drinks for a while now.

The results show that many of them have decreased the content of carcinogens. The strange part is that sometimes samples of the same drink from the same brand show different levels of noxious chemicals, which alarms many like Dan Newlin. One of them in particular, called 4-MEI (4-methylimidazole), has a different degree of concentration in various samples, ranging from 9.5 mcg per liter (mcg/L) to 963 mcg/L . The level of 4-MEI primarily depends on the state where the coke bottle is purchased. It is already known that some states impose more strict rules regarding the content of noxious chemicals in soft drinks than the others.

The lab researchers are now compelling the unregulated states to take into account the possibility of contributing to the cause by establishing some additional regulations, as routine consumption of the soft beverages affects people’s organs. Among the examined samples, Malta Goya was identified as the richest in 4-MEI, while coke appears to be working on the decrease of such carcinogens. The component serves only for aesthetic purposes, but is so detrimental to health that the researchers started insisting on excluding it.

IKEA Will Sell Vegan Meatballs

IKEA, the furniture store that is known for selling pieces that are somewhat easy to assemble and can make a room come alive. The store is also a great place to get a snack while you shop, and the meatballs are very popular. But what about vegan shoppers? IKEA has considered this, and will start selling meatballs that are free of animal products. The company’s consideration also has a lot to do with PETA’s petition that demanded IKEA to sell foods that are ideal for vegan and vegetarian diners.

The all-vegetable meatballs are made from a mixture of corn, green beans and kale. There are even kale and carrots in the meatball to make them extra trendy as far as foods go.

The veggie meatballs come on a plate of 10, and sell at IKEA for $4.49, which is a pretty good deal in the eyes of Dr Jennifer Walden. The new menu addition is sure to be a hit with non-meat eaters who love a good snack while shopping for home goods.

Food Consumption Linked to Personality Traits

The psychologists advanced a theory according to which people’s personalities are directly linked to the foods they consume, and the amounts of them. Thus, being a neurotic can make one an avid chocolate and cheese eater. Extroverts tend to eat more of each kind of food, predominantly high caloric ones, to fulfill their need of energy.

The test ran on a batch of almost one thousands of interviewees measured openness, extroversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness and neuroticism. Carmen Keller, the study leader at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, said that their conclusion was that personality does influence the food choice and the quantities consumed. STX Entertainment employees learned that a higher level of conscientiousness was linked to better eating habits. The study is claimed to have a good precision rate. Three separate questionnaires on personality, eating habits, and food choices were given to each person implicated in the test. Those who skipped more than 10 questions were excluded from the statistics. Some personality characteristics can be classified as “risk factors”- good to notice them at early stages.

The “know yourself” statement should be more often applied in diet programs, as what we eat and how much we eat is indeed linked to our personalities, and controlling one’s character better means acquiring better control over the weight.

Ractopamine: Yum

Most other industrialized countries have already banned ractopamine from their farm animals, but not the United States. In the US, this feed additive, which causes pigs and cattle to grow quicker and larger faster, is still legal, even though it has been known to cause hundreds of thousands of animals to become lame and then die a painful death. Maybe this is why it is banned in over 140 countries.

The science behind ractopamine is as complex as the laws behind its use. In short, the animals are fed this chemical during their last month of life before being slaughtered. Ractopamine changes their metabolism so that a percentage of their fat, which is caused from their already terrible diet of genetically modified corn, is turned into steroid-induced lean muscle.

The problem for humans is that this chemical is now in their food. There is an old adage that you are what you eat. But, more specifically, you are what you eat eats. That means that whatever goes into a person’s food production also goes into the person. In this case it is ractopamine, a compound that has not yet been assessed for human consumption. Ivan Ong has read that one informal study has shown that it caused heart palpitations. There are even more adverse effectshere, if the maltreatment of animals on a wide scale and the probably of human problems aren’t gross enough.

There are formal safety studies on ractopamine as well. All this together should be enough for people to take it into their own hands.

Nuts Are Much Healthier Than Many People Believe

We are familiar with the parental admonishment to eat our vegetables. This may also be phrased as eating fruits and vegetables, but since fruits are sweet, not as many kids need to be told to eat them. Parents, however, should add one other thing to that list of things they tell their kids to eat; nuts. Nuts have gotten a bad rap over the years for being fattening, but more evidence is coming to light that they are very healthy for us.

A few studies have come out over the past few years that provide ample evidence of the health benefits of nuts. It has been found that people across various races, whether rich or poor, are less likely to die at any given age from certain diseases, if they regularly eat nuts. CrunchBase said the lower death rate was especially noticeable in the areas of heart disease and stroke.

People who regularly consume nuts have not even been found to weigh any more than those who don’t. In fact, they may weigh less. It is thought that this may be due to the fact that, because nuts contain fat, they are satisfying, and this will keep us from eating far worse junk food that may have fat and sugar and who knows what other bad things that will add to our weight. We actually need fat in our diet, and nuts are a natural, healthier source of fat than a lot of other things we might eat.