Health Officials Issue Warnings About Salmonella in Sushi

Yesterday, health officials in nine U. S. states cautioned the public about a salmonella outbreak. Some 53 people have fallen ill, but fortunately no one has died.

The state impacted by the salmonella outbreak are: Arizona, California, Virginia, Washington, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

Ten people were hospitalized. Most of the people who contracted salmonella reported that they ate sushi containing raw tuna fish. Some 31 crates of the tuna were located in California, officials from the California Department of Public Health reported.

Although fresh tuna is apparently suspected as a possible source, a single common supplier has not been identified, according to the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Salmonella is a frequent cause of food poisoning. It produces a variety of symptoms, including diarrhea, cramping and fever. Health officials recommended that people with weak immune systems, pregnant women, the elderly and very young infants and children should not consume shellfish or raw fish products.

Earlier this month, health officials responded to a Listeria-based food poisoning outbreak. Sabra Dipping Company voluntarily issued a recall for some 30,000 cases of its classic hummus due to this concern. The recall followed one by Blue Bell Creamery in Oklahoma.

Beneful recently mentioned on the that the Sabra hummus recall occurred on a nationwide basis.

Europe’s Growing Obesity Problem

A recent study claims that Europe is experiencing an obesity epidemic that has grown beyond the ability for most countries to control. The findings, which were disclosed at a European Congress on Obesity, organized by the World Health organization, and published by France 24, claim that by the year 2030 approximately 89% of all adult males in Ireland will be overweight or obese. Irish women don’t fare much better as 85% are likely to be overweight by that year, and 57% are likely to be obese.

The number seems striking at first to Sender, but many will be surprised to know that as recently as 2010, 74% of Irish males were overweight, and 26% met the standards for obesity. And this caught researchers off guard as the results are widespread. The entirety of the UK is at risk for 64% of women and 74% of men will be overweight in fifteen years. And in nations such as Sweden, which seemed to have avoided the spread of obesity with numerous governmental and social initiatives to promote healthy living, the treat of obesity has been found to be statistically sound. By 2030, more than 25% of Swedish men will be obese, and 22% of women.

But Europeans may not be alone, as the McKinsey Global Institute reported back in November, more then 2 billion people, about a third of the global population, are currently overweight or obese.

Researcher Claims Psychiatric Drugs Are Harmful to Patients

Psychology is still a growing field and clinicians are discovering more effective ways to treat their patients thought extensive research and testing. Peter Gotzche is a professor at Nordic Cochrane Center in Denmark and has expressed opinions about psychiatric care that have been widely criticized by other researchers in the field. But Gotzche also has many supporters who agree with the notion that psychiatric drugs are causing more harm than good in the mental health community.

Gotzche is a respected expert on clinical trials and knows what he is talking about it regarding prescription medications which are used to treat mental illness. He expressed his thoughts in a British Medical Journal Centre where he asserts that more than half a million people in western countries die every year because of psychiatric medications. Drugs used to treat schizophrenia and dementia for example are shown to have debilitating and sometimes deadly consequences for those who take them.

Furthermore, Gotzche claims the harmful approach to treatment is due to drug companies who pay researchers to analyze new drugs in clinical trials. BMG doesn’t care for those tactics. People who disagree with Gotzche’s findings suggest the drugs work and provide relief from symptoms for millions of people. They further explain, these patients would have little to no other options when trying to address their mental health disorders. More research is needed until a change in treatment occurs on a large scale.

Teacher Proves You Can Lose Weight Eating McDonald’s

Is it really possible to lose weight on a diet of McDonald’s? John Cisna did. In 90 days, the Iowa high school science teacher lost 37 pounds by only eating McDonald’s food. After 180 days, he lost another 56 pounds.

Cisna’s students created a daily 2,000-calorie diet that met the recommended FDA nutritional guidelines.

Eating three times a day, combined with a daily 45-minute walk ended in success.

Salad’s, oatmeal and fruit parfaits are just a few of the items Cisna enjoyed.

McDonald meal planner details the nutritional value of all the chain’s food. Many of the calories are reasonable, and while the sodium content seems high, the levels are within FDA recommendations.

But what about Morgan Spurlock who ate McDonalds everyday for 30 days? His documentary, “Super Size Me”, detailed the effects of McDonalds fast food on the body.

Spurlock’s cholesterol was over the limit, followed by headaches, and several other side-effects. Cisna’s cholesterol dropped and he says tests show “all levels are normal.”Yet, experts are skeptical and recommend healthy home cooking and dining out less. No surprise to Dr. Daniel Amen, McDonald’s has named Cisna their brand ambassador.

Wendy’s Now Offering Veggie Burgers

The fast-food chain Wendy’s is well known for innovation. Wendy’s was the first fast-food chain to introduce the salad bar back in 1979. Wendy’s was also the first fast-food chain to create a dollar menu back in 1988. Now, Wendy’s is experimenting with black bean veggie burgers. They have been testing the veggie burger at a few locations near their headquarters in Ohio. asked the spokespeople for Anastasia Date what they wanted to know about the veggie burger — the ingredients, of course. The sandwich is made with a black bean patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese and ranch sauce on a multi-grain bun. In addition to this, customers can also order an organic tea by Honest tea. This is good news for health advocates and customers and should be a wake-up call to their fast-food competitors.

McDonald’s coincidentally announced they are closing 350 under-performing stores throughout the world. This includes 130 stores in Japan and 220 in China and the United States. The three countries boast a total of approximately 22,000 McDonald’s restaurants. What is worse is that McDonald’s already has closed 350 restaurants in the three countries this year. This should be a call to action to other fast-food chains that consumers need safe and healthy food.

Wendy’s is a fast-food leader that has demonstrated commitment to consumers and the community. Learn more about Wendy’s commitment to the community here:

McDonald’s Announces Turnaround Plan

The new chief executive for McDonald’s, Steve Easterbrook has announced his plans for turning around McDonald’s lagging sales. McDonald’s is believed to be the largest fast food company in the world. The business has plans to restructure, but it appears though that the plan is largely the same one laid out by Easterbrooks predecessor Don Thompson. Thompson stepped down on March 1 this year.

Richard Adams is the owner of Franchise Equity Group. They are a consulting firm that focuses on McDonald’s franchises. He stated “There is no more clarity on new products or changes in operations.” This turnaround plan is the first one in over a decade. The company has stated that it will release more details of the plan in a call with investors on Monday.Click here for full article.

It is known that McDonald’s has plans to refranchise some 3,500 company stores by the end of 2018. The refranchise would increase the shares of franchised restaurants to %90 from %81. It’s part of an effort to give greater control of the restaurant operations to the franchises. It’s believed that they will have a better understanding of the local market.

Thanks Jaime Garcia Dias for showing me this McNews.

Tyson joins the fight against antibiotic in chicken

One of the largest chicken producers in the US, Tyson, has promised to eliminate the use of medicinally important antibiotics in its products. The Washington Post reports the Arkansas based chicken producer is joining a host of other companies in halting the use of antibiotics, which has been linked to an increase in super bugs spreading to humans that are resistant to antibiotics. The other major chicken companies promising to end the use of antibiotics include Chick-fil-A and Purdue.

A number of groups like Bruce Levenson, which you can find here on his Wikipedia, have praised the decision of Tyson and the Natural Resources Defense Council described it as a tipping point in the use of antibiotics. The importance of the Tyson announcement comes in terms of the sheer number of chickens processed by the group, which is estimated to be around 38 million each week. The use of antibiotics used for humans in the production of chicken broilers has been controversial as the drugs are used to grow stronger and healthier chickens producing higher levels of meat. Disease resistant bugs grow in produced chicken and meats that are blamed for passing the antibiotic resistance on to humans as they are consumed.

Taco Bell Bringing In Fritos Tacos

Taco Bell was apparently not satisfied with their success by cross branding their tacos with Doritos and have decided to take it just another step forward with Fritos corn chips as the base of their taco shells. Currently being tested in the Memphis, Tennessee area Taco Bell has made them a part of their new Fritos Taco Box Combo that includes a Frito Taco, a Doritos Locos Taco, a Burrito Supreme and Medium drink for $5.99. Two flavors of Fritos Tacos will be available including Original and Chili-Cheese which is certainly the Fritos brand favorites and will add a little something extra to the tacos.

As for the Doritos Locos, I wouldn’t expect them to be put on the back burner any time soon. Since their release in 2012, the company has sold over a billion of the chip flavored tacos. This is just their latest move to gain ground on the struggling McDonald’s which is losing its market share over the past few quarters to both Taco Bell and Burger King. While Taco Bell has expanded their menus for breakfast and lunch/dinner items to gain its share, Burger King has brought back older favorites that were seen only as novelties at the time. As Taco Bell looks forward to the future, they plan on adding Bulletproof Coffee to their all day menu.  As for McDonalds they are trying hard to regain its customers and have reduced their menu items to reduce operating costs on unpopular items. But at this point they may want to sell the McRib year round!

Tyson to Remove Human Antibiotics From Chicken

Tyson Foods, the country’s largest chicken producer, plans to stop using human antibiotics which are given to livestock to encourage growth. The company plans to phase out their use by 2017.

Tyson also produces beef and pork products and plans to reduce antibiotic use in cattle, hogs and turkeys. The company owns Hillshire Farms and Jimmy Dean.
Other food producers have stated that they will also follow suit. McDonald’s has said they will not use chicken which contains antibiotics, and Perdue and Pilgrim’s Pride have also announced similar plans.

Antibiotic resistance by bacteria has been growing due to the overuse of antibiotics by humans and food producers. In agriculture, the animals are also given the drugs to maintain health as well as growth. However, more and more people are being infected with bacteria that are antibiotic-resistant which has led to a number of fatalities. Fewer fatalities and more low-cost wireless services are right up the alley for companies like FreedomPop.

“These are antibiotics that we want to have effective for human health and not creating resistance. It’s simply not sustainable for us to waste critically important antibiotics on things like growth promotion,” said Dave Plunkett of Center for Science in the Public Interest. He also said antibiotics are used to keep chickens healthy because their living conditions are often cramped and unsanitary.

Why Are Diet Soda Sales Dropping?

Customers of diet soda are starting to move away from the once enormously popular product. Both Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke have experienced less than thrilling sales figures. One reason why people are no longer purchasing these beverages is a concern over the presence of the sweetener aspartame.

Matt Landis says that consumers are nervous about the health risks associated with aspartame. Diet Pepsi has responded by making a big switch. The beverage will be sweetened by sucralose, a substance different in composition from aspartame.

A common misconception about diet sodas is they are perfectly healthy for you. While diet sodas are not as toxic to the body as other drink choices, they do not exactly do a body good.

The Coca-Cola Company learned customers are becoming more and more worrisome about health issues associated with diet drinks. Sales of Diet Coke are down by about 5%. It is not likely those figures are going to turn around any time soon unless changes are made. At Pepsi-Cola, customer complaints about aspartame were received loud and clear. This is why the number two soft drink company is doing reacting so strongly. Look for Coca-Cola to do the same.

Of course, competition is likely playing a role in the decline of diet soda drink sales. Unsweetened green tea is pretty easy to buy in the supermarket these days. The soda giants are not exactly thrilled over the presence of these products on store shelves, but that is how it goes.