A New York City Apartment Isn’t Hard To Find When You Work With A Realtor

Apartment hunting in New York City is similar to searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s very difficult to find an apartment at times, or should I say it’s difficult to find some great New York City real estate without Town Real Estate. I had tried everything, I made phone calls, I went on foot, I looked through the newspaper, and I even looked online, but I couldn’t find anything that really had my interest. I wanted a nice apartment that was going to have space so I could entertain people once a month. I have a book club that I put together, and it’s a very elegant book club, and we get together monthly, and I tend to host the get-togethers.

The apartment I have is too small, and since I’ve gotten a big raise at work, I thought it was time that I put my money to good use. I wanted a large apartment with a lot of great amenities, including a view of the city. I definitely wanted a high-rise apartment, but it looks as if most of these complexes are dealing directly with real estate agents. The only thing I could think to do was to call a real estate agency to help me find my new apartment. Since there are tons of real estate agencies in New York City, I wasn’t sure which one to call.

I got an answer to my question when I came across a great place for lease, and it said I had to call Town Real Estate in order to get a tour of the place. I could only see so much information in the advertisement, so I went ahead and called Town Real Estate. The agents of Town Real Estate are some of the nicest people I’ve ever talked to, and they are extremely professional as well. I met with an agent within a short period of time after working calling them, and I got to tour the apartment that I had seen the other day.

The apartment wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, so I still kept working with my Town Real Estate agent. After searching through the portfolio of apartments that my agent had available, I finally found one that I thought would work for me. I took a tour of the apartment, and I was absolutely blown away by how beautiful it was as well as the fact that all the appliances were up-to-date. My Town Real Estate agent really came through for me, and I decided that I was going to take the apartment that they showed to me. I couldn’t be happier with the fact that I chose to work with Town Real Estate, and I would recommend anyone in New York City to work with this company.

Purina PetCare Want Pet Owners to Take Their Pets to Work

Purina is all about pets and humans bonding together. However, for the majority of the day, pets and their owners are not even in the same home. With the majority of working adults venturing out to work every day during the week, it leaves a long void of time. this is empty time for the pet, which can result in sometimes depressed animals or even disasters inside of the house. Pet owners are generally happier with their pets around, which is why Purina News PetCare wants animal lovers to be able to take their pets to work with them. After all, studies have shown that employees with pets at the office are happier, and happier workers are more productive and are more likely to stay with the company than someone who is not happy with their work and disgruntle.

By allowing pets to come to work, employees are more likely to be happy with their job. This is without changing anything regarding the work responsibilities or what needs to be done every single day. The emotional lift a pet gives to someone while they are around the animals is especially helpful, so animals are able to provide this sort of emotional lift and help them through the day better than any other program an employer might be able to provide. This is one of the major reasons why Purina PetCare wants pet owners to bring their pets to work. A happy pet and a happy owner makes life so much better for both. According to Purina and studies conducted by several outside universities, it shows that two thirds of all employees say that being able to take their pet into the workplace is a good thing, and that even those employees who do not have pets say having pets in the office does provide benefits. For employees who do not have pets but who love animals none the less, this is a way to uplift them at the office as well.

However, while the majority of employees say they would be happier at work with pets (regardless of if they had pets or not), nearly three quarters of employees stated their pets were not allowed at work. In order to bring this to attention of management around the country, Purina PetCare started a campaign to raise awareness for pets at the workplace and to possibly change the way employers looked at having animals at the office. While Purina does understand not all locations are conducive with pets, there are other offices where having the pet there makes for a much more enjoyable day. That is exactly why Purina continually holds its “Pets at Work” movement throughout the country every single year.

Purina Pet Food Is A Good Choice For Your Pet

We know how important your four legged friend is to you. We also know that caring for your dog is probably amongst your top priorities. That’s why when it comes to choosing a dog food, its best you make an educated decision that will enhance your furry friends life. Did you know that your dog’s diet can really impact mood and behavior? In essence, dogs are a lot like humans in that we need to fuel our bodies appropriately in order to thrive. That’s why when choosing a dog food it’s best to understand the personality of your pet and know what type of nutritional fuel they need to feel their best.

With an endless amount of dog food brands available, choosing the right pet food can be a daunting task. There has also been a significant amount of negative press lately over brands of dry dog food which can make this decision even more stressful. That’s why understanding the nutritional needs of your dog and doing your research are so important. Purina dog foods offer a variety of options sure to meet every dog’s needs. Purina understands how to appropriately fuel your pet and provide the nutritional elements they need in order to thrive.

Purina news has made the difficult element of selecting dog food easy for pet owners. They recognize the importance of the immune system, skin and coat, digestion, bones and teeth, and vision of your pet. They have added proteins and antioxidants into their dog foods to support your furry friend’s immune system. They have also focused on adding omega-6 fatty acids and other essential vitamins so your dog can maintain a beautiful and shiny coat. Purina also recognizes the importance of digestive health. They have introduced whole grains into their recipe so your dog is not only getting nutritional benefits but the food is easier to digest. They have also added calcium and other vitamins into their recipe which will ultimately support their bones, teeth and vision.

There is no doubt that when you are faced with the decision to choose a dog food, you should consider choosing Purina. With only your dog’s best interest in mind and their commitment to quality, there is no better choice. Their decision to use high quality ingredients truly makes their dog food stand out from the competition. They not only care about their consumers but they care about your dog as much as you do.

Joseph Bismark, an Inspiring Individual


Recently there was an article posted on the blog Left Handed Right Mind about a very interesting individual. That individual is Joseph Bismark. What makes him so interesting is his belief that business and spirituality should be intertwined. At first I was very doubtful that this was an effective combination, but by the end of the article I had no doubts about his unorthodox methods. 

Bismark spent much of his youth studying as a monk in the Philippines. I found this remarkable given that prior to becoming a monk Bismark lived a comfortable life. He would later go on to apply what he had learned as a monk to the realm of business, which lead him to much success.

This success is evident in his work at QNet in addition to his founding of Qi Limited and work as the Managing Director of the Qi Group, which also benefited greatly form his learning. Despite all of this success Bismark does not forget where he comes from. He spends a sizable amount of his time to assisting a foundation created by the Qi Group which promotes living an environmentally friendly life. This includes encouraging the use of solar power and paperless business practices. This illustrates that even though Bismark has achieved so much he still gives back to his community. 

Most would assume that Bismark keeps his knowledge of mixing business and spirituality a secret, but he does not. He actively encourages others to pursue the right mixture of spirituality and business within their own corporate structure. There are many distributors who would attest to the effectiveness of Bismark strange methodology.

Many of Bismark’s core values are the foundation of his success. As an example, Bismark strongly believes in emphasizing the importance of creativity in a business as well as helping to encourage and enhance other people’s lives. He also feels that simple activities like team building practices and partner work can foster a strong and cohesive team. For these reasons and many more I find him an inspiring yet grounded person who is pioneering a better way to conduct business.

Dog Food Helps Dogs Get the Care that They Need

When someone is looking to take care of their dog in the best way, one of the things that they need to consider is the dog food that they are giving to that animal. It is important that the dog food that is given to a dog is food that will help that dog stay healthy. Dog food is a big part of the health of a dog, it makes them all that they are. A dog is made up of the food that they are given to eat, this needs to be considered as food is purchased, and those who own pets want to make sure that the pets in their care are getting the right nutrition from the food that they are eating.

When someone owns a pet, they want to find a quality brand to supply them with food for that pet. It is important that pet owners have the opportunity to buy good food for the pets in their care. Dog owners need to have a brand that they can turn to that will help them as they seek to care for their dog. It is important that those who own a pet can go out to the store and find the kind of food that is going to help keep that pet healthy and well cared for. Those who have a pet in their care need to find the right brand of food to give to that pet, in order to keep that pet strong.

Beneful offers the food options that pet owners need. When pet owners are looking for the right food for their pets, they want to find food that contains the nutrition that is right for those pets. Dog owners need to find food that is highly nutritious. Beneful offers a variety of dog food options, and the options that they have available are healthy for the dogs that consume them. Those who consider all that Beneful on wikipedia has available will see that they can find food that is right for their dogs. Those who are looking to give their dogs the best care by providing them the right food will find that Beneful has the options that they are looking for and that they need.

Why Dog’s Love Beneful

For the pet, it is not good for the owner to just give the dog basic dog food.The owner has to make sure that the food provides high quality ingredients that will leave the dog feeling healthy. There is also the issue with certain ingredients that may cause problems for the dog. Fortunately, there are plenty of companies that offer high quality dog food. Beneful is one of those companies. Their products offer plenty of ingredients that the dog could see and taste. Also, the food will leave the dog feeling very healthy as well as looking better. For this reason, dogs are more than happy to eat Beneful products.

Beneful is available at many stores. The best place to shop for Beneful would be at a pet store. They have a wider variety of products for the pet which include dog food. The variety of flavors available will be a treat for the dog.

OrganoGold: A Whirlwind Success Story

OrganoGold has flourished over the years into a revolutionary trend-setting lifestyle company having a very strong presence in over 39 countries. The global gourmet coffee giant sells certified organic Ganoderma Lucidium fortified coffee, teas, neutraceuticals and other personal care products. The company’s model of distribution of gourmet products through independent distributor networks and through its Coffee connoisseur Club has been heavily successful over the past years. The privately held company has seen steady and robust growth over the last few years.

The company is the brainchild of a highly resourceful and already successful entrepreneur Bernardo Chua.

With the mission of making the time tested benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom available to the west, Mr. Chua established the company in 2008. Since the inception, the company has seen an almost meteoric rise expanding all over the world and building a very strong customer base. The unique multi-level marketing strategies of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient, Mr. Chua and his team have propelled the company to dizzying heights. Mr. Chua is a revered public figure in his native country of The Philippines and was recently honored as an “outstanding Global Enterpreuner” for his role as the CEO of one of the world’s fastest growing network and marketing companies. The company also received a number of people’s choice awards and accolades including the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Award.

OrganoGold was built with a vision of spreading the knowledge of the holistic Chinese herbs and remedies which were largely unknown in the western world. One of the pivotal reasons for the success of the company is that it delivers on all fronts. With a great product to begin with, the company has never compromised on quality of the products. The non-profit OG care foundation, sponsored by OrganoGold, is helping young adults all across the world to sculpt the leaders of tomorrow.

OrganoGold has indeed proven itself as a one of the companies to look forward to in the future.

Mobile Services Worth A Shot

There are a lot of different things that can help with finding a way to connect to the internet. Some are free and others a low priced. One of these ways is FreedomPop.

How Does It Work
There are a few ways this app can work. You can download it onto your phone or other device to show you where you can get wifi for only $5 a month. The app works like others in you can see on the road where you are and where the service actually works. This is great for those that are traveling and want to get to the covered areas as well as those who are just in the areas and want low priced wifi.

Who Can Use It?
There are service options for everyone who may be in the service areas and those who may just be traveling through. The app or website can help you to find the coverage areas and to use them for your needs. Anyone who has a computer, tablet or phone with limited wifi can get some use from this. You just need to look into it.

What is FreedomPop?
FreedomPop is a program that offers wifi for a limited price for those that want to get a subscription. The app works for people who want wifi where they are. The program is only available in certain areas, but its a lot of fun for those that want wifi and don’t have it already or want to save minutes on the phone.

There are many wifi providers for you to choose from if you want to, but FreedomPop is one of the lowest priced options out there. You will find it’s a great thing for you to look into and to get a great service for a low price.

Healthy Dog Food and Great for Picky Dogs

Some days are difficult and to top it off, the dog won’t eat. After going through five or six brands, some are at the end of their rope to find a dog food that actually keeps their dogs happy and healthy. Many then try Beneful for their dog; what a difference it makes!

Beneful has four main types of dog food: IncrediBites, healthy weight, playful life, and the original recipe. There are also prepared meals from the company that one can purchase online or in stores at many pet shops. Each of the different variations on the brand has a specific purpose and deliver on that purpose.

Each variation also has the same basic ingredients: corn, flour, a type of meat and other natural ingredients. They are chock full of essential vitamins and minerals, as well, which promotes a healthy life in any dog. Many of the variations also have fruits or vegetables, adding yet more vitamins and minerals essential to a dog’s well-being.

Any picky pooch is sure to enjoy one of the many variations on the Beneful brand.

Bonn Óir, the First Irish-American Vodka

Marc Sparks and the O’Shevlin Importing Company have introduced the first premium Irish-American vodka, Bonn Óir Gold Medal Vodka, in the United States, as published in The Spirits Business. Philip Joseph O’Shevlin II brought the recipe with him from Ireland to America in 1916. Now his grandson, Dan O’Shevlin, has maintained the family’s original recipe and made it available in one liter, 750 ml and 50 ml bottles.

Marc Sparks is the head of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm with over 30 years entrepreneurial experience, has helped the makers of Bonn Óir realize their dream of creating this one of a kind spirit whose recipe has been handed down through three generations. This vodka, made from fine, soft, white wheat and pure glacial water, is gluten free, all natural, and bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. The result is a smooth vodka without the strong alcohol impact of other vodkas.

Other products created by the O’Shevlin family include Bonn Óir Lite and Irish Fire. Bonn Óir Lite is a top quality vodka with only 40 calories per serving. Irish Fire is a vodka based drink infused with cinnamon sticks and rested in oak barrels. Next they add agave nectar to produce a deep red, delicious drink.