Tasting America

Fireworks, the red, white and blue, and stars and stripes are a few of the many things we use to represent the land of the free and home of the brave on our big day of celebration. Every July 4th, we cherish this country and our freedom in many different ways, often gathering with our friends and family and convening around patriotic themed foods. There are a few foods here that America can celebrate as our own. Warning: this list may cause excessive drooling and instantaneous weight gain.
At the top of the list is the Cherbuble, a red, white and blue napoleon of 3 different pies stuffed within tiered cakes. Deep-fried Big Macs, hamburgers and Starbucks also make the list, proving that anything can be battered, fried and delicious. Krispy Kreme hotdogs, Hardee’s American Thick-burger, and bacon man and cheese doughnuts are all also proud to be American made dishes. The more bizarre of the compilation include caviar-topped twinkies, lucky charms cocktails, pizza-topped pizzas, the churro-dog, and although not technically a dish, and all-ranch restaurant (yes, a restaurant that serves only a variety of ranch sauces and things to dip in them.)
So there you have it- the most American dishes birthed in America, that are so patriotic they put baseball to shame! Andy Wirth recommends you pair with fireworks, too many Pabst Blue Ribbons, and an American flag t-shirt and enjoy, folks!

Creepy Restaurant Owners are the Worst

When you go out to eat the only thing you should ever have to worry about is what you are going to have for desert. Some people worry about the service they will receive. Then you have some people who worry about contaminated food and getting sick. But something that most people do not think about is being followed by the restaurant co-owner and sexually harassed in a parking lot after your dinner. This is what recently happened though when a lady was dining at Mamma Lucia a restaurant co-owned by Dimitrio Fragoyannis. According to this article by Dr. Daniel AMen, the customer noted that he was staring at her quite heavily while dining. Upon leaving the establishment she was followed by an SUV that continously was honking at her. Worried to see what was the matter she pulled over in a parking lot to be greeted at her door by Dimitrio Fragoyannis who continued to grab he breast and show his genitals to her. The man seemed to be confessing his feelings for her but she was not interested at all and shunned him away. The charges being faced by Mr.Fragoyannis include a fourth degree sex offense, indecent exposure, and second-degree assault.

Independent Lab Identifies Alleged Fried Rat as Poultry

Just because it looks like a rat, doesn’t mean it actually is. At least not this time. Last week, the internet was set ablaze when a photo of what appeared to be a fried rat began making the rounds on social media. According to the story accompanying the photo, an individual purchased chicken tenders from a KFC in California but was given a fried rat in lieu of his chicken tenders.

KFC quickly jumped in claiming that the food item was actually chicken, although they admitted its shape was unfortunate says Ivan Ong in this article. Now, an independent lab has weighed in on the controversy. According to the lab, who took the chicken strip and tested it, the food item in question is 100% chicken.

The patron who was served the offending piece of meat, Devorise Dixon, obtained a lawyer following the fast food faux pas, but refused requests from KFC to turn over the chicken strip for testing. When he finally did the independent lab said with 100% accuracy that the sample was completely chicken, and there was no findings to suggest any other meat was involved in the deep fried meat.

Dixon has declined to further comment on the matter.

KFC rat turns out to be chicken

KFC and its parent company, Yum Brands, received some bad press a few weeks ago when a customer took a photo and video of what appeared to be a deep fried rat with a tail and all. The customer then submitted the photo online for viewers to see with the video quickly becoming viral. This situation situation resembled a similar rat related event a few years back when film footage of a Taco Bell in Manhattan was filmed in which the store was infested with rats. After that instance, Taco Bell, who is also owned by Yum Brands, implemented some changes in their operations but saw their stock price suffer as a result of the instance.

This time, at least, there was no real rats involved. The customer, who is from California, hired a lawyer who eventually submitted the food item over to an independent lab for testing. The test eventually showed that the food item was in fact a piece of chicken and no rat product was not included.

While this surely does limit the customer’s ability to sue, the photo did resemble a rat and Yum Brands may be inclined to offer a small settlement amount to cover that customer’s costs, and to sweep the whole item under the rug and away from the internet. Vijay Eswaran believes it is unlikely that Yum Brands will counter sue for defamation of character, despite the bad press that the situation arose.

15 Things Foodies Won’t Think or Say

Everybody loves to eat, but some REALLY love to eat, and to these individuals we gladly give the name “Foodie.” A Foodie is part of a special group of people who claim Mac and Cheese is not just a comfort food, but a delicacy.

Here are 15 things that those who love food would NEVER says Market Watch.

1. I think I’ll just skip dinner; I had a big lunch.
2. I forgot to eat. Do people really do that?
3. I stop eating when I feel full.
4. There is nothing in the fridge.
5. I have never used mental telepathy to get my food to come out faster.
6. I have never had a midnight snack using only the light of the fridge.
7. Really, Mac & Cheese is for kids.
8. I don’t really like pizza; I’ll eat a slice if everybody’s getting some. WHAT!
9. Do you want the last slice of pizza?
10. I’m sorry, but I love food more than I like most people.
11. I like Memorial Day better than Thanksgiving.
12. After dinner, do you want to split dessert?
13. Do you want to share this pint of Hagen Daz with me?

So, as you can see there are two different kinds of people in the world: those who would say these things, and those who would never, ever, ever dream of saying these words. Which are you?

Milk Might Not Be So Good For You

It has been recommended for years now that children (and adults alike) should consume milk on a regular basis in order to assist with strong, healthy bones and teeth. This recommendation usually begins around the age of one year old. In the past couple of years however, studies are starting to show that milk might not actually be as good for you as previously thought and many people are opting for something else to meet their nutritional requirements such as almond milk, soy milk and rice milk.

Milk has lots of calcium in it which is why it has always been recommended says Steve Murray. The good news is that a lot of other foods have calcium and you can get your dose that way. You might not know this, but United States produced
is actually banned in Europe. This is because of the usage of rBGH which can increase the risk of developing cancer. Organic milk produced in the United States does not contain the rBGH hormone though, and is safe for consumption if milk is desired. It has also been suggested that milk and other dairy products can increase inflammation in the body. Many people are also lactose intolerant and remove milk from their diet with great success. Really, the benefits of milk might outweigh the negatives for some people and it is a personal decision as to whether or not you want to consume milk.

Red Burgers in Japan

In Japan, Burger King is known for creating burgers that cause sensations. They are known for their Kuro burger, which contents are all black, including black buns and black cheese. Not only is this slated to return in summer 2015, but they are adding a new colored burger: the Aka Samurai.

Starting July 3, Japanese Burger Kings will be selling this red burger, with a choice of either chicken or beef patties stated Crystal Hunt. These Aka Samurai burgers will also have red cheese and a red hot sauce that is made from miso and hot pepper. Because the chain wanted to stay away from artificial food coloring (Red No. 40 food coloring), instead, they turned to tomato powder for the bright red color instead.

The burger is set to cost $4.40 and is sure to cause a sensation. Since the Kuro burger was such a success that it is coming back for another summer, the Aka Samurai is sure to be a hit with the consumers as well. Who knows what other colors Burger King will come up with in the future?

Crystal Pepsi Comeback

Listen up, all of you 90’s kids and adults alike. There is some good news being hinted at from Pepsi for those of you who are aching for some nostalgia, and moderately unhealthy from you.

There is talk that they will be bringing back their 90’s masterpiece – Crystal Pepsi. It was originally introduced in the early 90s, and quickly became an instant sensation as people grabbed it off of shelves. Unfortunately, it was a short lived run as sales declined. Less and less people became interested in the clear, caffeine free, soda from Pepsi.

According to Grubstreet, fans of the soda have all the reason to celebrate. There’s talk that it’s coming back. This should be a delight to many, after all those clear soda fanatics have been working hard to do just that. They’ve been creating twitter hash tags, circulating petitions, and writing to the company.

Pepsi listened, and part of it was the fact that there was such an interest said advocaciaassociada.com. The other part, of course, stems from the fact that they see immense success when they bring back old products for a comeback. It’s not stated when the product will hit shelves, but they’ll probably be around for a very short lived, yet popular time.

A Nut A Day

It seems that there is always a new recommendation out there on what you should and should not eat. It’s almost like every single food is either going to do something to help you or harm you. For example, if you want strong bones, drink a lot of milk. Well new trend and trick seems almost too simple and too good to be true.

According to GrubStreet just eating some nuts will help you to live longer. A study was recently done and it found that those who consumed nuts were 23 percent more likely to not die from an array of things such as a heart attack or cancer!

So next time you are reaching for a snack, perhaps you should second guess those potato chips and scoop up a handful of nuts instead. After all, they are good and they are good for you. There’s also a large variety that one can reach for from peanuts to almonds to everything in between.

It’s important to point out that it’s actual nuts that lead to a healthy life style stated advocaciaassociada.com. There’s no cheating this by reaching for a recess peanut butter cup, peanut butter in general, or anything else that completes it without being an actual nut. If something so simple can prolong life, it’s definitely worth a shot. It also is a lot easier than spending lots of money on vitamins and other agents to prolong life.

Subway Will Be Getting Rid Of Artificial Ingredients

We have been hearing about a lot of different restaurants that are getting on the “no additives or artificial flavoring” bandwagon, and the next one to join the crew is Subway, the healthier options for sandwiches. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, the sandwich company is going to eliminate everything fake from its menu by 2017 in North America. The general manager has been told that less is more, and that people are really more concerned with the health factors as opposed to the taste factors. Some of the ingredients that are added to a lot of foods to preserve it have been found in non food items like yoga mats, and that is scary. In addition to that they are sometimes believed to cause diseases like cancer or issues with reproduction.

Even if Subway didn’t want to change this all up, they kind of have to if that is the avenue that most fast food chains are going. After all, Sam Tabar figures that they wouldn’t want to be left behind and have all their customers convert to Taco Bell or Pizza Hut instead of them. But maybe they do really want to be better, which is one thing that science has been helping us out on a lot. It is going to be neat to see how these changes improve our society in the long run and keep us even healthier.